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Where is your focus?

In last week’s blog “Are you listening” we discussed the power of words. Did you listen to yourself and the words you used? Did you happen to listen to the words you spoke to those closets to you? The ones you love the most? I have been shocked over and over as I listen to they way people speak to their spouse, children, parents and other loved one’s in public. The nasty words, the demeaning and humiliating statements, the venomous tone is horrifying. They speak to complete strangers with more respect than those they are “supposed to” love and cherish. Why does this happen? The expression "familiarity breeds contempt" is all too familiar. Yet, as the case with many common sayings, we should

Let's Get Rich Quick

Who has been invited to a dinner or get together only to be blindsided by a once in a lifetime, ground floor opportunity to start your own business? How many of you have fallen for a “get rich quick” scheme? Well, I have - many, many times. Direct marking companies have great products and a good sales model. The 1% of the people who embrace the model, work hard for years and develop enviable leadership skills will create a life of incredible wealth, freedom and residual income. I, however, am not that person. I have tried: 1. Amway – cleaning products 2. Big Planet – early internet provider 3. Mary Kay - cosmetics 4. Ambit - energy 5. Genesis Pure – food based supplements 6. Nerium – skin ca

Are you listening?

Words have power and are a person’s most important tool. The words you speak are the words you think and what you think - you become! If we had a five minute conversation I could tell you weather you will be poor, middle class or rich. Whether you will be a vibrant, healthy risk taker or a voyeur on the film of your life. If you listen to your words you can begin to hear how you can change the status of your wealth. Poor money managers have small goals. They are looking for “just enough” to survive until the next event - payday, Friday, etc. This group has lack thinking regardless of how much money they make. This group often says things like:  -I can’t afford that.  -We will never hav

Are You Sustainable?

Are You Sustainable? What is sustainable? As defined by Merriam Webster it is “capable of being supported or upheld, able to be maintained or kept going: able to be supported as with the basic necessities or sufficient funds”. What do I mean by sustainable? Are you able to - or do you even want to - sustain the life you have today? Here’s the thing. If you are making $60,000 a year but continuing to rack up debt or not pay down the debt you already have - that is not sustainable. This is no magic money fairy that will show up one day and dust your life with $0 balance credit cards or a paid up mortgage. Are you 5 to 50 pounds overweight but continuing to eat and drink the same things. exerci

Who's your Daddy?

Are you a member of the lucky sperm club? Are you a trust fund baby? Are you a 1%er by birth? Did you ever want to be? When I was a teenager I used to tell my mother that it was an accident of birth that I was not born a Kennedy (I am a few days older than Caroline Kennedy). She would respond that I should be thankful I was not born into poverty - and to go do my homework stop daydreaming about things I would never have. How many of us go through life in admiration, or resentment, of those who were born into wealth? The generational, privileged few who have everything laid at their feet just thru an accident of birth. Instead of spending my life wishing I was born into wealth - I found w