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Finding Your Money Guru

Where did you learn about money? Most of us learned from one of several ways: parents, friends, school, Internet, from financial professionals or a combination of all of them. Where ever you learned, you most likely have certain attitudes toward it. If your relationship with money is difficult, it’s never too late to change your attitude and expand your skill set with a money mentor. We look to mentors in our business life, why not for our financial life? A money mentor can show you what to do, or, just as importantly, what not to do when it comes to managing your cash and credit. Let’s talk about the ways you learned about money and how you can find your mentor. Parents Parents impart the

What Would Ben Franklin Do?

The desire to live rich is not a new one. Seeking to add value to the world is core to most of mankind. Creating a plan to make each day better than the last is one of the secrets of living rich. I went to Podfest18 in Orlando last weekend and saw the Liz Covart, creater of the podcast “Ben Franklin’s World”, deliver a keynote speech. She was so fascinating in her 30 minute segment about the life of Benjamin Franklin and the the virtues he instilled in himself to create the life he wanted that I was compelled to research him. I wanted to know how he went from the 10th child of middle class parents to founding father. He was not born in wealth and priviledge – he created that for himself. At

Reboot Your Life

We have all wished at some point or another that life came with a reboot button. You’re familiar with the term “reboot” when it comes to computers. Rebooting is a troubleshooting method: when your computer is giving you trouble—for example, a program locks up or is simply not responding–you shut it down and restart it. In addition, a common way to reboot your computer is to press down on the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously. Sometimes an area of your life—or perhaps more than one—has gone completely off track and makes you feel bogged down and like you just can’t move forward. If this is the case, instead of making small changes here and there, you may want to wipe the slate clean and simply

The Happiness Habit

I talked to an old friend last week who I have known for more than 30 years but last spoke to about six years ago. Toward the end of the conversation he commented that I sounded “very chipper” on the phone. That surprised me as I thought I was always “chipper”. So, I asked him why he made that comment – wasn’t I always a “chipper“ person. His answer was “no – he did not remember me as happy. I was driven, focused on my job and success, talented, efficient, firm but polite, sometimes fun, but not happy”. I was shocked. This made me wonder when I had changed. Because these days I am happy most of the time. Not crazy, dance around the room kind of happy – but peaceful, content with myself and t