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Credit Card Savvy Part 3 - Personal Credit

For the past two weeks we have talked about business cards – today the personal card. The credit card is one of the most divisive products among all the financial tools available. Ask around and you’re sure to find people who pay all their expenses using credit cards as well as others who swear the products are the embodiment of pure evil. Opinions among financial experts and thought leaders are just as mixed. Dave Ramsey won’t even let customers pay for his products using credit cards, and his large following is adamant about the destructive powers of credit and the virtues of debt abstinence. A credit card is nothing but a tool. Whether its effects are helpful or harmful depends on the ski


Before you apply for a new small business card, whether it’s your first or your tenth, do some legwork to make sure the new card is a good fit for you and your small business. Here are 10 questions to ask about a business card before you fill out the application: What’s the rewards structure? Do you want cash back or airline miles? Cash back rewards may be more modest, but are easier to track and use. Airline miles may offer more bang for your buck, but you need to be sure they’ll get used, especially if your business doesn’t require much travel. What perks does the card offer? If you travel a lot, travel perks may be a top priority. If you buy pricy computer equipment, you may care more abo

Becoming Credit Card Savvy Part 1

Credit cards are a powerful tool for us as both individuals and small business owners, offering an easy and convenient way to manage cash flow, track and manage purchases and leverage business spending to earn rich rewards. Many of us do not take full advantage of the benefits that credit cards offer; often because we are too busy running our lives and our business to delve into the finer details of our credit card benefits documents. This over the next three weeks we will break down the ins and outs of credit cards, showing you how to put plastic to work for you and your small business. This week I will explain how to use credit cards to streamline accounting and make tax time a snap, buy y