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August 13, 2018

August 10, 2018

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Recent Posts

December 20, 2017

You don’t have to pay more than the tax law requires. But, as Albert

Einstein said, “the hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.” Finding ways to minimize your small business taxes legitimately and avoiding pitfalls are important activities that can...

December 13, 2017

Two years ago this week I was in New York City on business. The day dawned wet, cold and very dreary. The alarm went off and I just laid there dreading the walk to the office. I did not bring an umbrella or a raincoat. It was too close to call a cab and too far to walk...

December 6, 2017

Looking to save up a few bucks? Sure, you could cancel Netflix for a few months and donate plasma for some extra cash, but I've got a better solution...

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