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Who's your Daddy?

Are you a member of the lucky sperm club? Are you a trust fund baby? Are you a 1%er by birth? Did you ever want to be? When I was a teenager I used to tell my mother that it was an accident of birth that I was not born a Kennedy (I am a few days older than Caroline Kennedy). She would respond that I should be thankful I was not born into poverty - and to go do my homework stop daydreaming about things I would never have.

How many of us go through life in admiration, or resentment, of those who were born into wealth? The generational, privileged few who have everything laid at their feet just thru an accident of birth. Instead of spending my life wishing I was born into wealth - I found ways to create my own wealth.

The difference between those born into rich families and those of us born into the 99% are more profound than just net worth or trust funds. They are blessed to be a part of a family unit that has taught them the power of a rich mindset. They actually think about money very differently than you and I think about money. It is more than lack or surplus thinking, it is the training ground for success.

Below are lessons rich people teach their children that the rest of us can adopt:

1. Surround yourself with successful people and learn from their experiences. Those born into rich families have more access from childhood on to successful people. Many are family friends, contemporaries of their parents, school mates and relatives. We have the opportunity to practice this advice - if not through face-to-face meeting through podcasts, books, articles, etc. Find people you see as successful and study them!

2. Eliminate “I can’t” from your vocabulary. When you are born into privilege there is little that is not available to you or that you can achieve. You have nearly unlimited resources at your disposal. This is another lesson we can apply to ourselves. First, science has not yet discovered the limit to human potential. When you reframe “i can’t” into “How can I?” you unleash the power of your amazing mind to find the solution. Just take one week and reframe your thinking into “how can I acheive” vs “I can’t achieve” and see what happens.

3. Winning means taking risks and learning from the results. That sounds really easy when you have unlimited resources and failure is a mere setback not a catastrophe. Again, there are many lesson in that statement. You will never grow or achieve if you stay in you safe little bubble and don’t take risks. The most profound and beneficial lessons of my life came from failure (some catastrophic). I survived, and

thrived. The difference between winners and losers is not the result - it is how they react to that result. Winners are inspired by failure and losers are defeated.

4. You will become what you focus on - choose wisely. One benefit of being born into wealth is that you are trained to focus on great success -and generally that happens. Great success is not limited to the rich. We too can choose on what to focus our time and efforts and create a plan for success. However, if we focus on the unfairness of life and the “I can’t” statements we will have a life filled with disillusion.

5. Your assets create income your work is to learn. Another easy one for the rich. They start with lots of assets to create their income. But this is a much a mindset as it is an accumulation of assets. When you use your work to learn skills, make contacts, and create opportunities instead of just earning pay you will begin the process of accumulating assets. These assets are your knowledge, your network and your strategic thinking, Use these assets to create your wealth. Don’t work to earn - work to learn!

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August 2, 2017

Who is Cindy Brown? Cindy is a CPA, MBA, CFO, board member of public and private companies, business consultant, entrepreneur coach and a foremost expert in the field of financial mastery. Cindy’s purpose is to motivate, educate and inspire people to live their richest life. Host “Unlocking the Secret to Living Rich”.

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