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Are You Sustainable?

Are You Sustainable?

What is sustainable? As defined by Merriam Webster it is “capable of being supported or upheld, able to be maintained or kept going: able to be supported as with the basic necessities or sufficient funds”.

What do I mean by sustainable? Are you able to - or do you even want to - sustain the life you have today?

Here’s the thing. If you are making $60,000 a year but continuing to rack up debt or not pay down the debt you already have - that is not sustainable. This is no magic money fairy that will show up one day and dust your life with $0 balance credit cards or a paid up mortgage.

Are you 5 to 50 pounds overweight but continuing to eat and drink the same things. exercise in the same way and maintain the same life style? That also is not sustainable. At some point your weight will continue to slowly climb and eventually it will affect your health and ability to have the energy to truly embrace life. Sad to say, but science will not create that magic pill we all crave that puts us at our ideal weight, body fat percentage, gives us the glow of and energy of youth without doing anything differently.

Do you think “later” there will time to break away from work and spend focused, uninterrupted time with your family? Newsflash - by the time your children are 18 they will have spent 85% of the face to face time with you that they will for their entire lives. How’s that for a cold slap of reality? Again, your calendar will not suddenly have big chunks of time open where you can lazily decide what moments you want to cherish today.

What makes a life sustainable? Easy answer is CONTINUAL GROWTH. Well you may think that is an easy answer for me - or you may be saying “what the heck does she mean”? Do I just get a daily mantra, read some self help books, watch “The Secret” and think myself into my perfect life?

NO - what I mean by continual growth is to find a way to spend a little time with yourself to really think about what a sustainable life looks like for you. Get some paper or your journal and just write down what that life would look like - tomorrow, next year, in five years. Here is a list of some questions you might ask yourself:

1. Are you doing work that you enjoy? If yes, is it what you want to be doing next year and in five years? How would you like it to morph over time? More responsibility, more freedom, more reach and impact? If no, what do you think you want to do?

Before you say “My dream is not to work” we all have to have a purpose in life to have real and lasting satisfaction.

It doesn’t always have to be an earth shattering passion filled save lives across the planet kind of thing. It could be small things that bring you joy - like smiling at everyone you see to add a bit of cheer to the universe, planting beautiful flowers in your yard for you and others to enjoy, volunteering at the children's hospital to rock babies. helping at a pet rescue site. Or it could be a big hairy audacious goal where you invent an app that finds empty parking spots near me or “Skyft” private jet rides like Uber or Lyft. OK those are the 2 apps I really want - so someone out there please invent them.

Spend a little time really thinking about what you want to do to earn enough to support yourself in the style you want or just to give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

2. How is your health? Are you at your ideal weight? Do you feel great every day? Do you wake up with energy and excitement to meet the new day?

If yes, congratulations! You have cracked the code and please share your tips in our Facebook group.

If no, what do you want to change this week, this year, in 5 years - energy, weight, meds free, toned? Do have something physical you want to accomplish? Run a 5k, swim in open water, skydive, play with your children or grandchildren, hike on a beautiful trail, ride a bike with no hands like you did when you were 6 or maybe just walk to the end of the block?

3. How are your finances? Do you have enough money to live the life you desire? Do you have enough to meet your basic needs? What about college or retirement - is there money for that?

If no, what will you change? How will you earn more or spend less?

Go to my website https://cindybbrown.com/tools for a free PDF exercise to test your sustainability.

If you have questions or comments you can contact me at my email cindy@cindybbrown.com. Find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @cindybbrown777

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August 9, 2017

Who is Cindy Brown? Cindy is a CPA, MBA, CFO, board member of public and private companies, business consultant, entrepreneur coach and a foremost expert in the field of financial mastery. Cindy’s purpose is to motivate, educate and inspire people to live their richest life. Host “Unlocking the Secret to Living Rich”.

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