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Journey to Money Mastery

This is going to be a GREAT journey!

Over the next several weeks I will give you the basic structure and organization to gaining wealth. This journey is for anyone struggling with financial issues, or who is finally looking forward to getting organized and out of debt.

Over this time we are going to be working on Money Mastery together! You will receive the financial foundation you need to create wealth in your life and move to the next level. I really want you to accept this challenge and work through the assignments in the coming weeks.

You will work to have a prosperity mindset and understand what lack and abundance thought is. You will also understand basics of a spending journal, budgeting, and living on percentages. If you complete this journey, you will be organized financially and ready to take on wealth growth. At the end you will be amazed at how organized you are and how much different your approach to money is.

At the end of our journey together, you should have:

1. A solid financial foundation

2. An understanding of the flow of money

3. An organizational plan for managing money

4. A better understanding of prosperity thought

5. A game plan for structuring spending based on percentages

6. A debt reduction plan


This is a great exercise to see where you are in life versus where you want to be in life. The results of this exercise will show you what you really desire and if you are on a path to achieve these desires.

If you are like most of us, you will need a little help to get –and stay- on that path. Over the next several weeks you will receive the tools to help you find your path.

I highly recommend you buy a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I find a real book vs a Kindle wo work better for this. You will want to make notes in book and re-read over time.

You will also need a journal. This will be the home place to keep your notes, ideas and thoughts. You can use a physical notebook or one online, whichever works best for you. You will have two sections to your journal: one for notes and one as your spending journal.

Exercise One:

If money and reality were no object what would your life look like?

Have fun with this and really think about each category. Take your time and write out your dream life. The subconscious is directly tied to our imagination, so dream and dream big.

This exercise should take you an hour or two if you really examine your wants and desires in life.


What work would you do?

What hours would you work?

Would you own your own company?

Would you have employees?

How many?

Would you be the CEO or would you hire someone to run it?

Would you volunteer or start a non-profit?

What is the “purpose” of your work?

What makes you excited to get out of bed and start working?


What would be your yearly/monthly salary?

What would you buy?

What would you drive?

Where would you live?

Where would you travel?

Where would you invest?

What would you contribute to?

Who would you help?

How much is in your bank/savings/retirement account?


What would you weigh?

Are you tone and firm?

What would be your energy levels?

What is your over-all health like?

Do you take meds? Supplements?

What type of exercise would you do?

Do you play a sport?

What is your favorite activity?


What would your relationships look like?

Who would be your associates?

Who are your friends?

Who do you admire?

Are you close to your family (of birth or of choice)?

Are you in a committed relationship?

Describe your five closest relationships.


What charities would you support?

What courses would you study?

What famous people would you meet?

Would you go on a spiritual retreat?

Where? Who would be your spiritual mentor?

Exercise Two:

Now that we know WHAT you want out of life, we need to determine your WHY. Why do you want to be free of prescription medication, have more money, have a grate relationship, do more self improvement?

I always found it hard for me to answer the WHY of my wants. I just wanted more. However, when I really took the time to ask myself why I nted more money the answer was FREEDOM. Freedom to do the work I wanted, travel to the places I wanted, and to support the charities I wanted.

What is your WHY?

Without a clear and compelling WHY you will revert back to your old habits before this journey is finished. Now, in your journal, write out your WHY for the questions you answered in Exercise One.

Exercise Three:

Do you have a picture of financial freedom? Do you have a picture of your compelling WHY?

Take the answers from Exercise One along with the WHY of those answers from Exercise Two and write out your perfect day. Go into great detail. Describe everything in your day from the time you wake up, the room you are in, your morning ritual, your commute (if any) with your chauffer or in your self driving car, the people in your life, the food you eat, what you are wearing, how you look and feel, your surroundings, etc. Describe every detail of your perfect day.

Now look forward 1 and 3 years write in your journal what your life will look like if you quit this program and keep doing what you are doing now or if you can live the life you described.

Which future would you prefer – financial freedom and wealth building OR more of what you have today? That’s what I thought Money Mastery!

Please don’t rush this process. This exercise should take you at least an hour to fully describe every aspect of a perfect day. Now – lets work together to create a plan to make this reality!!!

Until next week


September 11, 2017

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Who is Cindy Brown? Cindy is a CPA, MBA, CFO, board member of public and private companies, business consultant, entrepreneur coach and a foremost expert in the field of financial mastery. Cindy’s purpose is to motivate, educate and inspire people to live their richest life. Host “Unlocking the Secret to Living Rich”.

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