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A New You!

It’s spring – the time of growth and renewal. I love looking at nature and seeing things that look dead coming back to life with a renewed force. It’s been thirteen weeks since the calendar new year and now it is the northern hemisphere new year. Are you working diligently toward your 2018 goals like the flowers are pushing down roots to send energy into their blossoms? Or, have you looked at 2018 goals like a cliff? Walking toward the edge only to fall off after a few weeks?

Well this week we are going to focus on the 1% forward momentum each day. We are going to re-new ourselves. No matter how hard with winter, spring always follows. We are going to remember that each day is a new opportunity to make a new you!

There is nothing more exciting than living a life of constant self-renewal. Self- renewal is the attention you give towards ensuring that your life is forward- moving, with every step bringing you closer to who you really are. It entails stripping away the old and stale, so that you become increasingly aware of the purity of your true essence.

Every time you renew yourself, you relate to your world with a renewed sense of aliveness, seeing beauty and colors through fresh eyes. As you experience this

newness, your life-force is activated. Life, inside and outside of you, becomes rich and inspiring.

If you are feeling stuck, dull, bored, or lacking inspiration, it may be time to take steps to renew yourself.

It is normal to feel stuck and uninspired from time to time. In fact, feeling stuck and uninspired is necessary for you to transition to being bigger and better. When you recognize that you have reached a point where you are stagnant in life and then do something to shake things up, you are taking an empowered step to grow – to stretch yourself to actualize your highest potential. Thus, it is an opportunity to experience anew feelings of aliveness and passion. To know that everything is pulsating with an abundance of possibilities.

Here are 20 powerful ways to renew yourself.

  • Let It Go

If something is not working anymore, let it go. Where in your life might you be holding on to something that has gone stale? Look at your relationships, work, social life, health and wellbeing. If they are anything less than inspiring to you, decide to move on to something better. Being in stale situations drains you of energy and dampens your spirit. Drop the old and pick up something new. This does not necessarily mean ditching your current relationships or job (though it can). It’s about making a declaration that you’ve had enough of how things are and you’re committed to change things so that you are happier.

You can t change the past and holding on to it just makes us unhappy. Take a tip from ‘Frozen” and just let it go.

  • Go to a New Place

Taking yourself physically to another environment is one of the most effective ways to refresh and rejuvenate your spirit. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling to a faraway country, visiting a local site, taking a bus to the next town, hopping on a train to another part of the country, or simply taking a leisurely drive 10 miles away from home. As you travel from your home base to another place, it’s a metaphor for moving out of your staleness. The new stimulations in an unfamiliar environment will freshen your mind and broaden your

perspective. You may come home from your trip with great ideas to solve a problem.

I use Waze when I commute and it often takes me on roads I never travel. When I first started, I resisted the suggestions of new and unfamiliar roads. Now I just go with the Waze flow and have seen some places in my commute I never knew were there.

  • Give Up Your Story

We all have our favorite story, the one we keep playing in our head. Usually the theme is some kind of injustice perpetrated against us. Being without our story can be scary since it has defined us for so long. But giving it up will instantly leave you loads lighter. You can simply decide to stop having this story that has caused you much misery. Reflect on why you’ve invested so much in your story. We tend to hang on to our resentment to those who have wronged us, because to forgive would be to assume responsibility for our lives and that can feel scary. Decide to give up bitterness so happiness can take its place.

I have a story and you do to. Mine was one of ‘poor me’ – tragedy and loss. The more I told it the sorrier for myself I was. One day I changed my story. My loss, although sad, was not tragic. It made me stronger and wiser. I have a story of survival and strength. What is your story? Is it a downer or uplifting? Did you every think about how changing the story of your past could change your future?

  • Give Your Body A Good Workout

One of the quickest ways to clear the cobwebs is to work your body until you sweat. As your heart rate increases and your blood circulates freely, toxins are released through your skin and breath. You feel fresh and rejuvenated. You sense spaciousness in your being rather than boxed in a small, limited

world. You regain your sense of power and worth. You’ve been renewed. For an even more kick-ass renewal, work-out consistently to get a fitter body. Get in your best shape.

I hate to workout. I make so many excuses to do anything except go to the gym. But, when I just put one sneakered foot in front of the other and get my butt there I have an exhilarating workout. My blood is pumping, I and energized and feel great for the rest of the day. How about you? Does your workout give you a renewed sense of the day? Mine sure does.

  • Walk Backwards

Literally or metaphorically. There’s an old shamanic exercise of devoting a day to do everything the opposite of how you normally do them. For example, if you normally stay in bed after your alarm goes off, you could get out of bed immediately. If you normally then walk to your bathroom to brush your teeth, you might want to walk to your kitchen to make a cup of coffee instead. Or you might want to walk to your bathroom backwards! Spending half a day doing this will leave you feeling like a new person. If you don’t have the luxury of being in your own private space and time (say, you have to be at work), you can still do this but by checking in with your internal reactions to what is going on around you and doing the opposite. The idea is to break your automatic patterns by taking you out of your rut and curing stuck-ness with a dramatic infusion of newness. Be off-beat and have fun with it.

  • Breathe!

Breath is one of the most overlooked and under-used tools we have. It can be used to powerful effect for dissolving psychological blocks, relaxation, invigorating our spirit, and much more. To renew yourself, gently release all the stresses in your mind, worries, fearful scenarios, hurt, sadness, loneliness, guilt, shame, anger and resentment out of your breath as you exhale through your mouth. Imagine that your breath is a vehicle that carries your stresses out of you. As you inhale through your nose, imagine breathing in fresh, healing energy. Continue with releasing heaviness on exhalation and replenishing your energies on inhalation until you feel renewed.

When I am really stressed I practice alternate nostril breathing. I put my finger on my right nostril and breath in through my left. I hold for 5 seconds and breathe out through my right. Then in through the right and out through the left. I do this 10 times on each side and – poof – tension is released and I am on my game.

  • Sense the Movement

The invisible world is filled with movements, even if you can’t see it. When you open your senses to these movements, all of a sudden the world feels more alive, abundant and intriguing. Life is naturally moving all the time, evolving from one form to another. Imagine you are riding on these movements. One moment you are here, and the next moment you are there. You are no longer stuck. Because everything is in perpetual movement, it actually takes more energy to remain stagnant. If you simply let go of control, you fall back into the natural flow – like surrendering to the current that takes you down the river, away from staleness.

I like to dance even though I have 2 left feet. Swaying to the music and letting go to just feel the notes and the rhythm Music is powerful.

  • Break the Mental Loop

Your mind may have been stuck with the same thoughts playing like a broken record. For instance, your thoughts might go like this: “He is so selfish – I wish he would change the way he talks to me – he’s not going to change – I don’t want to rock the boat – it’s driving me crazy – he is so selfish….” When your thoughts go in circles, there is little chance for resolution. To break this mental loop, change one of the constructs or interject it with a new element. You might

change “he’s not going to change” to “maybe I could try talking to him about it”. You’re no longer stuck in the same place of frustration, and you begin to move on a different course.

Sometimes it is hard to turn off those voices in your head. Sometimes I like running the loop over and over. But enough is enough and we need to jump off than hamster wheel. Change the dialogue in your head. Reverse the thoughts and focus on positive vibes and outcomes. Move to the place you want to be in life.

  • Borrow from Nature

Go to a place of nature. A park, the seaside, your backyard garden, or hike to the top of a hill. Look around you and see if you can pick anything that symbolizes renewal. You might spot some baby leaves sprouting from a dead trunk, flowers with half-opened petals, fruits peeking out from among thick shrubs, the hungry cries of baby birds from the tree above you, an abandoned shell of a crab that has gone on to grow a new one. Take a moment to appreciate the quality of newness it invokes in you as you internalize it into your body, heart and mind. Breathe in the newness and let it wash through your entire being. Feel your spirit rejuvenated.

  • Get A New Identity

Your true essence is unchangeable but you can choose a different identity at any time. Your identity is who you see yourself to be; as you express this identity, it becomes the ‘package’ by which others identify you. If you’re no longer inspired by the way you see yourself and others see you, you can adopt a new identity by changing your beliefs, choosing to accentuate other personality traits, emphasizing different values, or adding a new flavor to your self- expression. Our beliefs and values can change overtime, and what used to define you strongly may no longer be an authentic part of you. Keep your identity fresh and current.

I have become a new me many times – when I changed schools, changed friends, changed jobs. Each change is an opportunity to make a new you.

  • Take a Herbal Steam Bath

Just as snakes shed their skins to rejuvenate, renew and grow, exfoliating our skins can make us feel like we’re stepping out of our hardened shell. Give your body a good scrub in a steam bath; the steam softens the dead skins and opens up your pores, so you’re able to get rid of more rubbish. If possible, take a herbal steam bath where purifying herbs are added to the hot water to produce steam. The herbal vapor is not only absorbed into your skin to draw out toxins, it is also inhaled into the lungs to remove toxins via respiration. You will step out of a herbal steam bath feeling reborn.

I have a bath most every night. It is my quite place of sanctity. The hot water and bubbles are a refuge in the day. I emerge cleansed of the day and renewed for what is to come.

  • Change Your Vibes

One of the quickest ways to change your vibes is to express gratitude. Think of five things you can be grateful for now. If you can’t think of anything, you may be taking your treasures for granted. To break through, think of how you would feel if you didn’t have the things you have now. Start with your physical body – if you can see, imagine not having sight. Now how does it feel to know that you have both your eyes and your vision? Do this for your limbs, organs and

senses. Then extend it to the people in your life, to what’s around you, to the abundance in the world. As your appreciation grows, you will feel more and more expansive – imbuing you with new, positive vibes.

I have talked in previous podcasts about the power of music to change your vibe. Put on something happy and sing – sing loud and proud. Be happy.

  • Socialize with Different People

Talking and sharing with people you might not usually interact with can open your eyes to new experiences, enriching you in ways you might never

expect. Join a new group, a community club, a hobby class, or volunteer for a charity or project. Keep an open mind and be prepared to find unlikely sources of inspiration. You may even meet yourself in a new way. Stretching yourself out of your comfort zone to mingle with new people can leave you feeling filled to the brim with satisfaction, love and inspiration.

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. IF you want a new you – find some new friends. You don’t have to get rid of the old ones – just add some new ones and see how your life changes.

  • Detox Your Mind

Cut out gossips, blaming and discussions of fearful theories. We devote far too much energy to these mental activities. Once you’ve cut them out, feel how much more energy you have. Be ruthless in censoring your thoughts and verbal expressions. Feed your brain with only inspiring and uplifting content. Try this for a day and see how different you feel at the end of it – fresh and uplifted. Do it for a week and you might change your attitude for good.

As much as I try, I find this hard to do. It is so easy to give in to the bad traffic, bad weather, life sucks conversation. But every time I let myself go down that rabbit hole I emerge a slightly lesser person. Every negative comment about myself or others erodes just a little bit of my higher self.

Just for today – resist the negative and channel your higher self.

  • No More Promises

Do you have a list of unfulfilled promises you have made to others? If so, look at your list and for every promise take one step to move closer to fulfilling it (or better still, fulfill it once and for all). Your energy stops flowing when you carry these burdens; it weighs you down mentally and emotionally. Do not make

another commitment until you’ve delivered on your current promises. If you can’t fulfil them, be honest about it with the other party or negotiate a new way in which you may deliver on it.

  • Make a Pledge with Your Spiritual Ally

Most people have some connection to a spiritual presence, but it’s easy to lose that connection in times of stress. Yet highly stressful times are powerful opportunities to strengthen your spiritual connection. Your spiritual ally is who you pray to – God, deities, saints, your higher self, spirit guides, etc. Imagine holding the hand of your spiritual ally and feel the energy coursing through you on contact. Honor and pay homage to this sacred alliance. Be comforted by the knowledge that you are not on your own, that there is something bigger than you, looking out for you. Renew your faith in being protected, guided and supported in your journey.

  • Declutter Your Space

Your environment has an effect on the way you think and feel. We are constantly absorbing messages from our environment. Thus, if what you see around you is messiness, disorganization and clutter, your mind will link all those qualities with what is going on inside you. Get rid of things that are useless, outdated or broken. Clean surfaces of dust. Clear up your space to create a feeling of spaciousness within you – giving you more room to maneuver and ideas to come in.

This is my issue. I cannot think or exist in a cluttered space. I need order and clean. When I have that I feel like I can take on the world. Is your space enabling your success? Look around and see what you might need to change.

  • Return to Innocence

Throw out the rules about being an adult! Be like a child again, with your wonderment, delight, curiosity and awe towards the world around you. Imagine you are untainted by the harshness of life. Indeed, there’s a part in you that has remained pure and innocent, no matter what you have gone through in

life. Look at the world through the eyes of this aspect of you. See how everything seems intriguing. Express your child-like appreciation for the wonders in your world. Play.

  • Drop a Bad Habit

It takes a lot of energy to sustain a habit which you know is bad for you. The effects of the habit, and the self-beating that accompanies it, put a heavy toll on your overall wellbeing. Most likely, you’ve been stuck in a cycle of wanting to stop your habit but finding yourself continuing. Imagine stopping at your

tracks and turning to face a different direction. Now go. Walk on a deviated path and enjoy the new sights and smells.

  • Express Your Feelings

Frustrations. Resentment. Anger. Envy. Guilt. Shame. Could any of these feelings be weighing you down, eating you up inside? Owning up to having unexpressed emotions is a big step to unloading your baggage and emerging as a new person. Find a way to express these emotions. Write or speak your feelings – tell a story, exaggerate, be theatrical. Get it out of your system! Then come back and enjoy the feeling of lightness.

Did any of these resonate with you? Several did with me. I take each spring as a time of renewal and re-commit to my vow to make each day just a little better than the day before. Like the crocus pushing its tiny head through the snow – you can take just one step forward today to re-new you!

Until next week, #LiveRich

April 2, 2018

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